To those interested in starting a combat rosary making group the following parish bulletin notices were used by St. Mary’s parish in Annapolis, Maryland.

Use them for your own groups to invite the parishioners to join your own rosary making group.  Most of our volunteers come after reading about it in our own bulletin.

January 25, 2019:  Received in January from Ft. Benning (GA):
“Thank you so much for your gifts of the Ranger Rosaries to the soldiers at Ft. Benning, GA. I am a music minister at Ft. Benning, joining with the soldiers at the 11:00 and 1330 Masses. The soldiers are hungry for home — the Mass brings them home. I am able to pray the rosary with soldiers each Sunday. I’ll have anywhere from 5 to 75 soldiers at any time. All soldiers appreciate the reassurance of a Rosary in their pockets. Please will you send us more rosaries?”
We are able to send rosaries to the military and VA facilities because of the hard work of the parish volunteers and your support. Thank you! 

October 25, 2017:  The ranger rosary ministry is spreading across the country. Twenty-five percent of our military are catholic. Thirty to forty volunteers come once a week to our church for three hours to make rosaries. They also bring rosaries that they made at home. Now many new groups have formed around the country. Some are independent. Other groups we support with information and supplies like prayer cards. We coordinate sending all the rosaries to the chaplains and the VA. Can you help? We are working on our second million. We always need more rosary makers to fill the chaplains’ requests.

November 11, 2018: We recently provided a special rosary to a parishioner who was going to France for a cruise. First, the parishioner was going to check off an item on his bucket list — to see the D-Day beaches. While there, he would leave a Ranger Rosary at the grace of a friend’s brother. The man is buried in the American Cemetery in Normandy. A member of the 101st Airborne, he was killed on D-Day as he prepared to parachute into France as part of the Allied invasion. We were touched and honored to be able to provide a tribute to just one of the thousands of Americans who have given “the last, full measure” to our country. On today — Veterans Day, November 11 — give thanks for all our service men and women do for America.

May 13, 2018: Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to also honor Our Blessed Mother and thank her for her intercession between us sinners and her Son. As a graduate of The University of Notre Dame, I proudly note the achievement of a fellow alum, Rev. Patrick Peyton, CSC, ’37, who was known as the “Rosary Priest.” In December 2017, Pope Francis approved a Decree of Heroic Virtue, the second step in the elevation to sainthood, making it the “Venerable Fr. Peyton.” Fr. Peyton, who died in 1992, held events around the world and produced more than 600 radio and TV programs extolling prayer as the path to strengthening family relationships and easing global tensions. Pray the Rosary for Peace, and to draw your family closer to each other and to Our Lord. Join us any Wednesday from 9-12 to make, inspect, finish, bundle, or ship rosaries. There’s something to do for everyone!

May 6, 2018: We received a small envelope of rosaries in the mail recently. The enclosed card read: “I experienced a horrible concussion in late 2014, and was off work for over four months. That’s when I found the Ranger Rosaries website. You sent me supplies to make rosaries. Making the rosaries was an amazing help while I was recovering. It was very calming for me. I’m glad God gave me a way to help others that also brings me so much peace! I would like to make more Ranger Rosaries.”

October 4, 2017:  We will begin to send 1000 small boxes of rosaries and prayer cards to the Veterans Centers around the country.  These are small centers that offer help to the veterans if needed.  We have one here in Annapolis.  They offer many out reach services to those recovering from injuries they may have suffered from their military experiences.  With a rosary in their pocket they can turn to their mother, Mary, who in turn leads them to Jesus.  Please keep them in yours.