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It began at St Marys Annapolis, MD at the start of the war in the Mid East has now spread all over the country. 900,000 free combat rosaries have been requested and sent to over 700 Chaplains and the request continue. Some larger bases require 1000 a month.

The Ranger Rosary Network consists of 30 larger church groups and dozens of smaller groups and individuals. The larger groups must support themselves and buy their own supplies. They are given their own Chaplains to serve. For small groups and individuals, we can mail out free starter kits to anyone interested. They consist of beads, a crucifix and parachute cord to make 5 rosaries and a finish blessed rosary as an example. When they return them to us we check to see if they are made correctly, cut and burn the ends, have them blessed with ours at the Mass after the weekly meeting and all are mailed together. Our shipping costs alone this year for the rosaries and the starter kits was $3500. We have answered the requests for over 1500 starter kits!

Call 410-990-4100 ext 4714 or e-mail rangerrosaryinc@verizon.net to request a starter kit.

The rosaries are offered in different color combinations. The Army and Marines like the black and green, the desert brown is popular and the Navy asks for blue. All the military academys give them out to their graduates! The cords are parachute material, the beads are dark and will not rattle or relect light and the crosses are dark black or brown to insure the safety of our service men and women especially in battle The chaplains say the go like hotcakes.

Hopefully these rosaries will be taken with them when they return home. It will always remind them of Our Lady’s presence when they needed her the most. Do you remember Our Lady called herself “The Lady of the Rosary at Fatima”? She asked that the rosary be prayed for Peace.

1/3 of our military are Catholic. Due to the acute shortage of Catholic Chaplains, many Chaplains of all denominations ask for them. Everyone seems to want one because it is a sign of the presence of the Mother of God and we all need her blessings and protection in our lives.

A specially made How To Pray the Rosary pamphet goes with each shipment. It is very durable and water resistant and fits inside a soldier’s pocket. It is available to members of the Network at a good discount. Also included are Holy Cards of St Michael and Divine Mercy. The hospital Chaplains ask for medals and scapulars too. The Chaplains tell us the rosaries are everywhere, wherever our troops are stationed – especially in the war torn areas. Every vehicle in Afghanistan has a rosary hanging from the rearview mirror.

Here in Annapolis

A weekly meeting of about 40 people (men and women) meet every Wednesday at St John Neuman church from 9-12. They bring in the rosaries made at home and sit down to enjoy the company while stringing more beads. Often there are mothers and grandmothers with loved ones in the war zones and they have come to make one special rosary. They find out we can send rosaries to the whole unit if needed. We mail out 1000 rosaries a week.

Sometimes many tears accompany the rosary making but the support of the others help.

We have special stations which they know by heart: training the new people, making more rosaries, cutting and burning and checking ones sent in from the starter kit people, making lots of starter kits, fixing the coffee and treats. There is alwlays lots of laughing and caring about one anothers situations. For some, especially those who live alone, this is the highlight of their week. They come with canes and even wheelchairs, in the hot weather and the storms. They come to work and pray to support the troops. We pray a decade of the rosary for the troops and their families, our church and priests and personal needs.