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What Chaplains are Saying

The following are just a few of the hundreds of chaplains thank you remarks. They see the powerful effects of Our Lady’s blessings on the men and women who pray the rosary. It is a trust, a peace, a strength, and a perseverance. They feel the comfort of walking this dangerous journey together with Our Lady. They are not alone.

Good evening and greetings from the desert of Afghanistan. I am one of the Catholic priests serving here in Afghanistan. I am writing to request some Ranger Rosary for our Catholic soldiers here. I will redeploy back to the States. Your gift of the Rosary will still be used by other Catholic priests who will be here till the final withdrawal if am back home when the Rosaries arrive. We look forward to receiving as many Ranger Rosaries as you can give for our mission here in Afghanistan. I had more than 2000 Ranger Rosaries from the Catholic Women at …  when l deployed, I have none remaining as Catholics and non-Catholic like the Ranger Rosary. Most service members take them home for members of their family. It is freely worn around the neck irrespective of season and weather condition here in Afghanistan. If you address it to the Catholic Priest at this same address, any of us will still distribute them to those who need them. In union of prayers! “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9) . . . ..Good morning and thanks for getting back to me this soon. I look forward to receiving the package. I will let you know when we receive them here. I wish you all the blessings of Thanksgiving and Advent Season. In union of prayers!”
Chaplain Afghanistan

“Our heartfelt thanks for making these beautiful rosaries and sending them off for these young recruits. Know they are truly treasured by each of them. We see them clutching them during Mass each Sunday. We go to the base in the morning to assist Father with the clerical side of all this and with the distribution of the rosaries, prayer cards and bibles. Last week there were 2000 recruits at Mass and we expect a similar number tomorrow. Tomorrow 34 will be baptized and receive sacraments.  It is truly breath taking to see how the Holy Spirit moves through the souls of these young recruits. As Father always says with God nothing is impossible. So again our deepest and sincere thanks for your beautiful ministry. Blessings.”
–Lay volunteer assisting Catholic Chaplain, Marines, USA

“I participate in a TBI Support Group in which veterans challenged by brain injuries hold onto faith and face the future with Holy Mary on one shoulder and Jesus on the other. Mirabile dictu.  I also read books aloud to proud WWII veterans who grasp Ranger Rosaries as I am reading to them. Most of them really enjoy quietly reciting the Rosary with me, often stating that this simple recitation gives them hope and strength and simultaneously removes all fear of the aging process and eventual death. The power of Our Lady Holy Mary is indeed beyond amazing.”
–Chaplain, VA Hospital, USA

“I am thankful for your ministry.  You provide an important element of worship and faith for so many of our warriors and help Chaplains provide this powerful symbol of Jesus Christ even when our budgets are stretched. I serve to forward deployed task forces in the Arabian Gulf.  Even though I am a Methodist minister, many of my Sailors are Catholic and it is incumbent on me to support them in their efforts to be faithful to the Church. Would it be possible to send me 50 Blue and Gray rosaries for my Sailors and Coast Guardsmen? Thank you again for your support of our faithful service members. “We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right.””
–Chaplain, US Coast Guard, Arabian Gulf

“Fantastic.  I just got back from Afghanistan and passed out over 250 of the rosaries to Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines.  Yes, please send the tan and brown but send it to my home address.   I have had several packages and letters that have been returned or lost coming here to the unit. Thanks again for your ministry and your dedication to serving our men and women in uniform.  God bless.”
–Chaplain, USA

“I have moved [again] to Germany to a new unit and I am in desperate need of some ranger rosaries.  Could you send me 400 of the tan and black ones?  Thanks for the many blessings that you have given all of our faithful Soldiers over the years. Thanks and God bless you and your ministry!!!!!!”

“How are you? I was wondering if we could possibly receive some more rosaries? Please let me know if this will be allowed, thank you for all you do! . . . . Thank you for the quick response, please send the rosaries in my name. … has left the command and the address is still good! As of now, we have no more rosaries, I’m sure they are in the mail? Maybe you can provide a tracking number? I tell you we are all out . . . . Whatever colors you have them in we will take, the recruits just love them! However, if you could include the color black, that would be most excellent! We share them with our Orthodox priest as well. We can start out with 1000 a month and go from there. Do you miss the area? I was born and raised in …  and recently came here from … When I saw the orders, I was excited to come back home from …  for a couple years, I will be here until July!  Please let me know if you need anything else, and thank you so much you do for us and the troops! Stay Inspired!”
–Religious Ministries, USA

“Good afternoon, I would like to thank you for responding to my e mail. I do appreciate the assistance and support. Please send the Rosaries to the same address with  Attn: Catholic Chaplain. In this way, if … or myself  is transferred to a new assignment the priest can still receive these rosaries. We will accept all the rosaries that you will send to us regardless of their colors. They all look great. You can continue your communication with … Please extend our gratitude to your group for all the hard works and dedication to support the military. God’s blessings.– Chaplain, USA. ”
–Chaplain, USA

“Hope all is well on your side of the computer screen! I just wanted to let you know that I am currently on a deployment to Kuwait. Please continue to send rosaries to me at this address. Also, do you have any idea where I can be sent some St. Michael medallions? Soldiers have requested these to wear on their dog tags. Any help would be appreciated! I will always remember your continued support during my time at Ft. … The rosaries you sent made it into the hands of well over 300 Soldiers. Please know that your efforts are a blessing to us men and women in uniform. Thank you just does not seem to be enough. Take care! Best,”
–Chaplain’s Assistant, Kuwait